Read this Before You Give Your Kids a Phone for Christmas

Before you give your kids a smartphone or tablet for Christmas, there are a few things you want to consider:

Smartphone Ready – Is your kid ready for the responsibility of a smartphone? Check out this blog, “Is Your Kid Smartphone Ready?”, to see if you think your kid meets the criteria. You want to make sure they can keep track of it, are responsible with chores, manage school work, and understand the potential pitfalls of that kind of access.

Social Media Ready – They are going to want to use their shiny new device to access social media. Are they old enough? Check out this blog, “Is your kid old enough for social media?”, to read up on the age limits for these accounts. You don’t want to teach your kids that it’s okay to lie about their age to get something before they are old enough to have it.

Parent Ready – I’m sure you are going to teach your kids to drive before you allow them to get a driver’s license. You need to do the same thing with a smartphone. You need to teach them everything they need to know to be safe on social media. If you aren’t sure of how to teach them to make wise choices online, you can sign up for the Social Nation U parent class.

It’s too easy for kids to make bad choices online if they haven’t been taught how to be safe. Those choices can cost them friends, scholarships, opportunities, and more. The last thing you want is to give your kids a smartphone before they are ready. The potential damage is too great to assume that because they know how to work the device they also know how to stay safe

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