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The truth is social media can be a dangerous place for kids with issues like cyberbullying, addiction, and online predators confronting children each day. Although scientists are still measuring the damage that social media use is causing, anxiety, depression, and suicide are on the rise.

According to Common Sense Media, 8-12 year-olds are spending an average of six hours per day online, and teens are spending an astonishing average of nine hours a day online.


  • 88% of teens have seen someone be mean or cruel to another person on a social networking site.
  • Sexual assault cases related to social media have increased by 300% since 2015.
  • 22% of teens lost friendships due to actions on social media sites.
  • Sex crimes against a minor involve a social networking site 50% of the time, and the social networking site was used to initiate the relationship.
  • 43% of teens say they would change their online behavior if they knew that their parents were watching.
  • 55% of teens have given out personal information to someone they don’t know including photos and physical descriptions.


Even with all of the documented issues that social media use is causing, it has continued to become an unchaperoned playground where kids are left to their own devices. This course was developed for parents that either didn’t grow up using the internet or find themselves searching for the right way to guide their kids to become productive citizens in this new social nation.

Parents wouldn’t think of putting their children behind the wheel of a car without teaching them how to drive, yet they continue to put their kids behind the screen without proper mentoring and monitoring.

With Social Nation U, parents will learn the following:

  • In depth look at the 9 biggest challenges facing kids on social media
  • Actual screenshots from middle school and jr high kids to illustrate the issues
  • 10 benefits of social media and how kids can use these tools effectively
  • Easy to use, common sense, 11 step system to keep your kids safe

The potential for friendships lost, scholarships pulled, and even job opportunities denied due to social media posts that kids thought were ‘private’ is too great a risk. Their futures depend on parent’s understanding and teaching them how to be responsible with their social media lives. 

By the end of the course parents will understand the 11 Steps to Social Media Safety and be able to confidently guide their children to make smart choices  online.

For over a decade, Jaci Russo has traveled to schools around the country teaching workshops to parents in order to keep their kids safe online. Jaci is a social media expert and mother of 4, with over 25 years of experience working professionally in the branding, marketing and social media industry.

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