New App Alert: FBI Child ID

It used to be that parents would take a photo of their kids when entering a public place, just in case their kids were lost in the crowd. This way they would have a recent picture, in their current clothing, that nearby employees and law enforcement could use to help find the missing kid. 

But now, the FBI has released a new app and is encouraging parents to download it to help keep kids safe. The app is a free tool that provides a convenient place for parents to electronically store vital information that law enforcement would need if something happens to your child.

Parents can save recent photos and enter physical identifiers such as height and weight. If your children are missing, this is the information that law enforcement will need to help find them The app also includes tips on keeping children safe and guidance on what to do in those first crucial hours after a child goes missing.

All of the information is password protected and stored in the app on the parents phone. Parents can quickly and easily email the information to law enforcement in the case of a missing child.


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