11 Year Old Girl Attacked After Meeting Stranger on Tinder

According to Cincinnati.com, an 11-year-old girl in Indiana, pretending to be 16, met a 20-year-old through the Tinder dating app and then continued to communicate through Snapchat. The police investigation discovered that they communicated for a couple of months online, even after he knew she was only 11, and then they met in person at a movie theater where the he raped her. The girl continued to see him on a few other occasions because she was afraid of what he might do to her. Her mother finally learned of the rape and reported it to police.

The police are now warning other parents to stay alert and to pay attention to who children are talking to online. “Watch their social media accounts. There are apps out there now to look different. If you look on a child’s app and it shows a clock it’s actually a hidden file where kids can hid Snapchat accounts or tinder accounts and other similar accounts, so their parents might not even be aware they have it.” Det. Sgt. Kendle Davis, Greendale, IN police dept.

At 11-, our kids might know a lot about how to operate smartphones but they don’t know enough about the dangers of the world. Parents always think this can’t happen to their kids but every kid is vulnerable. You can use SocialNationU.com to help protect your kids and teach them how to be safe online.


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