YouTube Changes Policies to Limit Dangerous Prank Challenges

Chances are, your kids spend quite a bit of time watching YouTube videos and you might have heard them talk about some of the YouTube “stars” like PewDiePie or Logan & Jake Paul. A number of these popular youtubers have made their claim to fame through prank challenges, most recently with Jake Paul driving blindfolded to participate in the Bird Box challenge (named for the Netflix movie of the same name).

After years of being the center of dangerous prank and challenge videos, YouTube announced today that they have changed their community guideline standards to discourage these activities.

“YouTube is home to many beloved viral challenges and pranks, but we need to make sure what’s funny doesn’t cross the line into also being harmful or dangerous. We’ve made it clear that our policies prohibiting harmful and dangerous content also extend to pranks with a perceived danger of serious physical injury.”

This is great news for parents whose kids are heavily influenced by what they see on YouTube. Hopefully, this will lessen the impact on kids who are still so impressionable and want to try out at home the things they see online.

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